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  • Interpreting

    For over 20 years ABC Language Services has provided superior interpreting services to individuals, companies, and governmental agencies. Our professional and reliable interpreters can deliver services in most languages in the world with accuracy and consistency in dialects. Our interpreters have been selected based on their dialectical skills – so if you need a particular dialect or a language variant, we will be able to accommodate you.

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  • Translation

    ABC Language Services is uniquely suited to provide tailored translation services of your documents into any language your audience might speak. We deliver highly accurate and detailed translations of any type of project–from extensive documents on a long-term scale, to documents needed under the tightest of deadlines. We have extensive experience translating legal, medical, and educational records for state agencies, companies, and hospitals.

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Premier Linguists & Language Services

No matter how exotic the language, we have a linguist for you.

ABC Language Services has been providing highly professional, accurate, and reliable language services for over 20 years. Our roster of screened and qualified linguists cover all the major languages of the world. Additionally, we specialize in rare languages. Even if you require a short-notice linguist in an exotic language, we can provide what you need. With extensive experience in courtroom and governmental interpreting and translation services, we have many linguists who are pre-authorized linguists for sensitive or confidential assignments. à With extensive experience in courtroom and governmental interpreting and translation services, we have many linguists who are pre-authorized for sensitive or confidential assignments.

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Client Testimonials

I had the opportunity to observe the Bengali Interpreter today at the Courtroom in New Haven. I introduce myself as soon as he arrived and asked if he had been the interpreter from the previous time. He informed me that it was his first time in New Haven. I informed him that when in Court we use the simultaneous mode, that we are not allowed to be by ourselves with any LEP, and that we need to follow protocol.
He informed me that he has experience with the simultaneous mode and that he was aware he is not supposed to engage the LEP unless he has a third party to interpret for. I was able to observe him while interpreting for the Public Defender and while in front of the Judge.
He did well and it seemed that he was able to interpret everything that was being said.

I have to let you know that the interpreter whom went out today was excellent. I believe it was Anna. Another service provider was with me who also speaks Spanish and mentioned to me that Anna was excellent; interpreting word for word and making sure everything was understood. If possible, please book Anna again. Everyone is truly wonderful, but it is not often that an outside person witnesses it too. The visit got emotional towards the end and she was truly wonderful so please let her know it was noted and appreciated.

Louisa was an excellent Mandarin interpreter. We could not have asked for a better interpreter.

Thank you so much, you all are truly the best with your service!

I just received feedback from the location regarding the Polish speaking interpreter that provided services for them this week. I do not have her name, the case manager was so very impressed with her patience and not only translation but really trying to explain everything he was saying to the client to ensure he really understood. It was a great session and the case manager just wanted to share the positive experience.