Interpreting Services

Specializing in Rare Languages But Providing All Languages

On-Site or Telephonic Interpreting in 120+ Languages

When you are in need of real-time communication in another language, ABC Language Services is your best source for professional, qualified interpreters. Our interpreting services can be tailored to your needs on any occasion, and with nearly any type of timeline. We have an extensive roster of professionals who are familiar with your industry, and can convey in detail the appropriate message that needs to be delivered.

Meetings • Training • Conferences • Contract Negotiations • Court Room & Legal Proceedings
Trials or Hearings • Medical Appointments • Tours • Investigations • School Meetings
Education Evaluations & Assessments • Interviews • Visiting Delegations • International Customer Visits

  • Sight

    The interpreters at ABC Language Services are skilled at all types of interpretation including Sight Translation, which is reading of a source text and verbally translating it to an individual or group in another language. Reading and translating documents and texts is useful for doctor’s appointments, educational assessments, and meetings. No matter what the language, we can deliver.

  • Consecutive Interpretation

    Commonly used in small group settings or one-on-one, Consecutive Interpretation is ideal for question and answer formats–the interpreter listens and relays the message accordingly. High standards of interpersonal and linguistic skills are required to facilitate these types of interactions. Often two or more languages are needed in this type of interpretation.

  • Simultaneous Interpretation

    Simultaneous Interpretation is a more complex process because it involves the interpreter listening to a speaker and simultaneously translating what is being said, usually via headset or transmitter, to individuals in a group. This is the standard mode of interpretation used in court proceedings and hearings. This method is also often used for classroom, group therapy sessions as well as large conferences or environments where two or more languages are required.

Telephonic Services

Over-the-Phone interpretation is available in over 105 languages and counting. We make it convenient for you to get in touch with the client or party you need to, both quickly and efficiently. This method is a prompt way of conveying your message.

  • Public or Private Sector
  • Corporate or Government
  • Education or Medical
  • Administrative Hearings

Legal Industry Services

As one of the largest providers of language services to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, we have many screened and certified interpreters who are authorized to work in State and Federal Courts.

  • Depositions
  • Court Hearings or Trials
  • Probate Hearings
  • Conferences
  • Investigations
  • Witness Preparation
  • Examination Under Oath

Medical Industry Services

ABC Language Services ensures that our linguists will help bridge the language gap between healthcare providers and patients so they can understand how they are receiving the best possible care. Our interpreters and translators understand the importance of patient confidentiality and HIPAA and are very familiar with a wide range of medical appointments.

  • Doctor’s Appointments
  • Hospital Procedures
  • Surgical Procedures
  • Family Information Sessions
  • Medical Device Training

Educational Services

With the diverse community around us, ABC Language Services works with the Boards of Education all around the state to bridge the culture and language barriers that many students and parents face. Our interpreters are culturally sensitive and are ideal for interpreting in a variety of school settings.

  • All Age Groups
  • PPTs, Evaluations & Assessments
  • Meetings & Interviews

Corporate Services

With global markets and connectivity being an important piece of everyday business, ABC Language Services can assist in overcoming the communication barrier that might occur in worldwide dealings.

  • Conferences & Meetings
  • Training for non-English Speaking Customers
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Visiting Delegations
  • Customer Tours & Visits

In the Community

ABC Language Services values the importance of local communities, and we consistently serve our own. Able to meet short notice requirements, we are happy to assist with any type of community need.

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Public Proceedings
  • One-on-One Services
  • Large or Small Group Services

Interpreter Qualifications

Our interpreters are independent contractors who have the skills necessary to deliver high-level language services. ABC Language Services performs educational background reviews and interviews to determine whether they possess the required abilities to work for us. We look at references, résumés, background checks, and regular performance reviews in order to guarantee the quality of service we are known for.

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From Akan to Zulu, we have a linguist for you! With a constantly growing list of proficient languages, we can handle any inquiry on any timeline. If you are interested in getting a quote for a language service, fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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