Accurate & Reliable Interpreting and Translation Services in over 120 languages

Superior Service, Delivery, and Attention to Detail

Our linguists and language professionals have handled sensitive, and confidential projects for many government and private sectors. ABC Language Services is one of the largest providers of interpreters to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch for hearings, for pretrial and trial work in criminal, family, civil, juvenile, and probate matters. We have the capabilities to provide a full range of interpreting and translation services customized for your request.

Industries We Serve

  • Interpreting

    Our Professionals are trained in all modes of interpreting–sight translation, consecutive interpreting, and simultaneous interpreting. Whether you need on-site or telephonic services, ABC Language Services ensures that our linguists can bridge the communication gap to deliver to your exact needs.

    On-Site or Telephonic · Governmental
    Legal or Educational · Healthcare

  • Translation

    No matter the language you require, ABC Language Services can provide translation services for your documents. We deliver highly accurate and detailed translations of any type of project–from extensive documents on a long-term scale, to documents needed under the tightest of deadlines.

    Trained & Certified · Legal Documents
    Educational and Medical Records

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