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Over 120 Languages and Counting

Detailed, Proficient, and Expertly Managed Translations

ABC Language Services can find the best translator for your needs using a process we have developed over two decades. We consult with you in order to understand the specific elements of your project, and provide professional linguists with the appropriate education and background to execute flawless results. Our project managers and editors are able to monitor the quality and accuracy of the translation, as well as maintain a consistent outcome, at the lowest cost possible. We use the latest technology to assist with speed and platform-specific output, like video, audio, or software applications.

  • In-Depth Analysis of Client Needs

    The initial consultation allows us to better understand all the elements of your project, and to organize a goal structure so the final outcome is high quality, and is delivered on time as needed.

  • Proofreading & Quality Control

    We have processes in place to monitor and evaluate the quality of each project at several intervals, to ensure the outcome adheres to our strict standards and to the outlined goals of the project.

  • Attention to Cultural Sensitivities

    Each translator brings their specific strengths to each project they work on. Then they are selected for a project based on their background and familiarity with the subject to create the best outcome.

Translator Qualifications

Our translators are independent contractors who have the skills necessary to translate high-level language services. ABC Language Services performs educational background reviews and interviews to determine whether they possess the required abilities to work for us. We look at references, résumés, background checks, and regular performance reviews in order to guarantee the quality of service we are known for.

Certified Translators and Proofreaders for a Variety of Sectors

Legal Documents

As one of the largest providers of interpreting services to the State of CT judicial branch, ABC Language Services applies all of this experience to the translation of legal documents. This might include briefs, court documents, or contracts.

Medical Records

Our translators can help ensure that the communication barrier is bridged between healthcare providers and patients. We understand the importance of confidentiality and HIPAA, and can provide translation services for a variety of medical documents and records, treatment plans, etc.

Educational Records

With so many culturally diverse communities in Connecticut, we regularly work with the Board of Education in many school districts to help effectively communicate between school staff, parents and students. Our translators have experience with all types of Educational Records including transcriptions, PPTs, Evaluations, and Assessments.

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